The Twin Cities in Minnesota is home to one of the premier Beatles tributes in the country - Rubber Soul The Tribute. These five Beatle-crazed guys, fans before anything, enjoy and share their mutual passion with their audience. The line-up consists of Brian McGuire (Paul McCartney), Jonathan Ehresmann (George Harrison),  Whelan Keenan (Ringo) and Mike McDonough (John Lennon). David Gores is a unique addition to the Fab Four on keyboards (ala Billy Preston). He performs the predominant keyboard parts from all of the Beatles catalog, and also contributes background vocals and extra percussion.

  Rubber Soul features the entire Beatles history in one night! Early Beatles, the psychedelic era of Sgt Pepper/Magical Mystery Tour and later Beatles, covering the “White Album” release through “Abbey Road/Let it Be.” They also incude some hits of John, Paul, George, and RIngo, after the break up of the band.  Their performance includes the use of authentic guitars, amplifiers, and costumes, and have been performing for audiences of all ages for more than 15 years.
Most bio photos by Adam Grimm

 "I started music drumming in my dads polka band on their breaks - we would play rock and roll but the bands of the 60s drove them nuts - and forced me to steal my older sisters Beatle records. Late 70s rolled around and I picked up a bass guitar and started a singing career - playing rock covers in the 80s.  I traded Beatles for Bon Jovi - the 80s were a real gas! - I learned to emulate singers, so I have no real voice of my own. (Beside the Irish accent) 2001 - Jack Foster comes into my life and introduces me to Brian and the Beatles Forever - that's where I became John Winston Lennon for the first time. It took almost a year to teach myself the guitar - but I had lots of help from my predecessors.  Now Rubber Soul lives through my voice and the voices of my mates..." 

  Brian relocated to the Twin Cities from Appleton, WI in the early 1990s and has been with Rubber Soul since it's inception as "Beatles Forever" 18 years ago.  When Brian joined the combo, the band "Beatles Forever" already had a long history of touring the country.  However, the band was reorganized and Rubber Soul was born. Coincidentally, “Rubber Soul” and “Revolver” are Brian’s two favorite albums. Brian's favorite song ever was “In My Life,” written by John Lennon.  Paul McCartney’s approach to harmonies and medley, with his simplicity in songwriting, according to Brian, are unsurpassed.

   Known as one of the top young guitarists in the Twin Cities, Jonny "George" grew up in Clear Lake, IA, where "the music died" in 1959. This infamous plane crash helped to shape Jonny's life and musical education. He fell in love with the Beatles at a very young age, and soon turned to a life in music. Moving to the Twin Cities in 2006, Jonny graduated with top honors from McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul. He currently teaches, records, writes, and performs in numerous bands across the metro area, including Jonny James and the Hall of Fames.

 “As a musician, being a Beatles fan is easy; performing as Ringo is a fantastic experience!” Whelan is the newest addition to Rubber Soul and brings with him mad drumming skills along with 10 years of live performing and touring. He was off to a quick start in high school, when he was twice chosen for multi-city tours with the “School of Rock All Stars Tour”. Anyone who saw him knew his future was bright. Whelan has opened for the “Goo Goo Dolls” on a West Coast tour, drumming with Martin Zellar of the “Gear Daddies.” He has played iconic music venues such as the Viper room and the Whiskey in L.A., 1st Ave in Minneapolis, and had the honor of playing at the South by Southwest festival in Texas as well as the CBGB festival in New York City multiple times. It doesn’t matter what the venue, Whelan loves playing the drums and providing the heartbeat for any band he’s with.

 Dave was plucked from Mike’s (John) vast archive of musicians to play the part of Billy Preston many years ago because of his familiarity with all styles of music and his mastery of the keyboards - both necessities in truly recreating the authentic Beatles sound.  Dave has performed throughout the Midwest in rock, blues, and variety bands for over 35 years.  “Playing the Beatles (and Billy Preston) makes you pull out all the stops because of their level of sophistication in song writing, orchestration, and experimentation with sound".